Join us all month long for our biggest fundraising event of the year! Choose to SKIP something bold and donate the funds instead to Then make sure you share your SKIP story on social media! Tell everyone how SKIPPING one thing this September, and donating the funds to Skip1 instead, gives you a place in the world to help change it for the better! Every penny donated goes directly toward the care and feeding of the children and families we serve.

What We Do

We help solve world hunger, one Skip at a time, by building and renovating kitchens within orphanages and schools in impoverished areas. We also support food distribution and feeding programs in places where kitchens can't be built, and help with clean water and sustainable agricultural initiatives. It’s amazing what can happen when people Skip. Want to join us?

How We Do It

We understand there are plenty of people who want to help make the world a better place. But many have limited resources and often feel they can’t do much. Skip 1 was developed as the solution for these people. The work we do, especially in third world countries, doesn’t take a lot of money. Especially when 100% of public donations go directly to each project.

Our Projects

Our “feet on the ground” around the world help determine which communities are in greatest need for a new or rebuilt kitchen. We also keep our eyes open for local needs within the states that other organizations are not funding. Then we work with the local community and partners to do the work, and report completions on our website via photos and testimonials.

Skip With Us

What if, one day, everyone in the world skipped the purchase of one small thing they didn’t need, and donated the money instead toward the care and feeding of impoverished children and families? What would that look like? We believe it could change the world. That’s our big, bold, audacious dream. Join our movement to help change the world, one simple Skip at a time.