Skip1 isn’t about big donations from billionaires. It’s about small dollars from the rest of us, and our ability to know we’ve made the world a better place by skipping a Latte, a car wash, a movie, or a manicure. It’s so simple. And with 100% pass through to the feeding and care of those in need, those smaller donations really can make a big difference.
Besides making your own Skip, you can join our movement by helping spread the word via your own voice. Whether through Social Media, email, or just talking to your friends face-to-face, spreading the word about Skipping is powerful. We know. We’ve seen it in action.
If you’d like to get even more involved, and become a Skip1 volunteer, click on over to our Get Involved page and see the variety of ways you can help change the world, one Skip at a time.

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