1I skipped but I don’t see it showing up in the leaderboard or recent skippers?
If you did not check the box saying “Yes, show my donation on the website” it will not appear on our homepage.
2Can I join you on your next trip?
At this time, we don’t have organized trips for those interested in traveling with us. If we are able to invite those interested in traveling with us sometime in the future, we will post something on our website with details.
3Can I send Skip1 a check?
Yes! You can mail a check to P.O. Box 7511 Westlake Village, CA 91359
4What is Skip1 doing in the US?
Skip1 helps here in the US by supporting multiple feeding programs that assist adults, children, and seniors (take a look at our Bayview Project and Ascencia projects on our website for more information about ongoing projects). We know one of the best tools these people can be given is a healthy body that offers them the energy and focus they need to change their lives. That’s why we’re happy to help fuel their future.
5I would like to give money in someone’s name for his/her birthday. Is that possible?
Absolutely! When going to the “DONATE” page on our site, you may enter the person’s name in the optional “What are you Skipping?” section. The message will then appear on our homepage.
6I would like to know if I can donate another way besides the internet?
Yes! You can mail cash or a check to our direct mailing address: PO box 7511 Westlake Village, CA 91359
7I would love to sponsor a child. Can you recommend a charity that does this well?
Yes! Although Skip1 does not do child sponsorships, we can recommend Compassion International who help children all over the world. If you want to sponsor a “refrigerator kid” like Shelene, go to or and you will see several children needing a sponsor. There are some children that have been waiting for over 6 months for a sponsor. When you sponsor a child, you’ll be personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care.
8How do I become a Ambassador?
Becoming a Skip1 Ambassador is easy! It’s simply organizing a Skip1 event in your town, school, church, or just with family! Be as creative as you want! Skip something and feed a child. 100% of the donations goes towards feeding children in need! Please share your event with us on social media.
9How can I purchase Gove Bags?

Currently, we do not have Glove Bags available for purchase, but don’t let that stop you! These bags can simply be large Ziploc bags filled with everyday essentials such as deodorant, chap stick, socks, granola bars, wipes, rain poncho, and whatever else you may find handy. These are a great way to connect and offer a helping hand. Pack up a few of these bags and keep them in your car, you never know when that moment will arise.

10Is Skip1 a Christian or faith-based organization?
Skip1 is a public charity. Everyone on volunteer staff and our board is a Christian and our faith Is the motivation for everything we do.
11I’d love to promote Skip1. Can I get your logos and is it okay for me to post the logo and pics without asking for permission?
If you go to you should be able to download our logos. Please send us an email to to tell us you how you are using the logo. (Note: the media page is currently down for maintenance but should be working again soon).
12Are there organizations in [insert city here] that I can turn to for help?
Check with your city’s local agencies for a list of available services.
13When are you planning on selling Skip1 t-shirts and hats?
We are focusing on serving the poor so our Skip1 store for these items has been a low priority. We expect to sell shirts and hats at some point in the future when our volunteer staff can take the time to set it up correctly.
14Is Skip1 involved in my town?
If you look at our project page you can see current and past projects. There may also be volunteer organized events by our Skip1 Ambassadors that do not appear there.
15I’d like to cancel my monthly skips. How do I do that?
Send an email to and someone will help you with that.