What We Do

Let’s face it, there are plenty of non-profit organizations helping end world hunger by providing food and water to impoverished children and families. We would be remiss not to help out wherever we can. But we at Skip1 discovered a unique need not being addressed by other charities and non-profits.
In our travels around the world we found many third world schools and orphanages with access to protein, grains and legumes. Enough to support healthy nutrition for dozens to hundreds of children and their families. But they lack clean kitchens, ovens, stoves, cooking utensils, plumbing, electricity and shelter to turn these food resources into nourishing meals. Skip 1 has found ways to inexpensively build and stock sustainable kitchens in a wide variety of these communities, ultimately helping improve the lives of malnourished children and their families.
Best of all, it doesn’t take much money. One small Skip can make a big difference.

Kitchen in the Dominican Republic Before


Kitchen in the Dominican Republic After


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