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Chayah Kitchens: Uganda

We have collected $8,840.00 of our $10,500.00 target. It is 84.19% of our goal for the Chayah Kitchens: Uganda project


Chayah rescues Ugandan orphans from abuse/neglect, trafficking, victims of heinous acts, extreme poverty and abandonment and provides them a loving home on 7 acres of land in Uganda. It will have 7 homes (each housing 10-15 kids), 3 of which are near completion. Each home will have their own garden plot with the intentions of being self-sustaining. The homes that Skip1 is donating kitchens to will be the first 3 that are almost complete and the current Chayah children will be moving into them in January 2018. These homes for the children and their caretakers will be small buildings, never exceeding 15 children per building. The goal is that each building would emulate and truly become a home, not just an institution that takes care of the children’s physical needs, but a place where each child will find spiritual guidance, emotional support, and a family to laugh, cry, and grow alongside.

Hope Haven: Rwanda

We have collected $9,739.50 of our $10,000.00 target. It is 97.40% of our goal for the Hope Haven: Rwanda project


Please help meet a critical need for a kitchen in one of the most vulnerable communities in Rwanda. Hope Haven Rwanda continues to uplift families by providing nursery, kindergarten and primary school feeding programs to meet the nutritional needs of more than 420 children. They serve 750 meals each day, and it all happens in a kitchen which was initially built as a stall for animals—and is only 80 square feet! More than 200 parents camp annually, at the gate overnight, in order to get their children into this program, and their kids depend on these meals. The need is significant and the existing kitchen was outgrown some time ago, but the foundation has been laid for a 960-square foot kitchen so that the program can be doubled to over 850 children. Will you Skip1 to help feed Rwandan children?

Project Bayview Feeding Program: San Francisco

We have collected $9,580.65 of our $19,200.00 target. It is 49.90% of our goal for the Project Bayview Feeding Program: San Francisco project


Yes, we certainly do help out right here at home in the US when it makes sense, and this is one opportunity we wanted to jump in on. When people are coming out of difficult and complex situations in their lives, Project Bayview is there to help by providing a loving and supportive community around them. Project Bayview's mission is to develop leaders who live to revive their communities. They offer instant brotherhood, leadership development, mentorship, housing, career development, work, and fun. But these people need to eat. And it’s a bit more expensive in the states than other places. There are currently 16 people at Bayview who need to be fed and currently have no funding or support for food. $3,200 will feed all 16 of them for a month. That’s about $6.50 per day per person. We’d like to offer them 6 months of really healthy food they can count on. That’s about $19,200. Want to help?

Ascencia Feeding Program: Glendale

We have collected $5,959.00 of our $9,050.00 target. It is 65.85% of our goal for the Ascencia Feeding Program: Glendale project


Here’s another local American community need we just couldn’t pass up. Ascencia has provided housing and services to homeless individuals and families in the Glendale, CA community for the past nine years. Today, Ascencia is the only comprehensive homeless services agency to provide over 1,200 underserved adults, children, and seniors daily with street outreach, case management, mental health counseling, and trauma therapy. Last year, they served nearly an equal number of children (214) as they did seniors (201). Ascencia’s year-round 40-bed emergency housing program provides safe and supported shelter for over 200 residents every year. It is unique among shelters in that they serve families and single adults, including seniors, together. And, just like other homeless care centers, they run out of money quickly, especially for decent meals. They’ve asked us for $9,050 to cover 6 month of meals for 200 residents. We know one of the best tools these people can be given is a healthy body that offers them the energy and focus they need to change their lives. That’s why we’re happy to help fuel their future. It’s by the grace of God that each of us isn’t in their situation, so we want to help. Do you?