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Chayah Kitchens: Uganda

We have collected $7,010.00 of our $7,000.00 target. It is 100.14% of our goal for the Chayah Kitchens: Uganda project


Chayah rescues Ugandan orphans from abuse/neglect, trafficking, victims of heinous acts, extreme poverty and abandonment and provides them a loving home on 7 acres of land in Uganda. It will have 7 homes (each housing 10-15 kids), 3 of which are near completion. Each home will have their own garden plot with the intentions of being self-sustaining. The homes that Skip1 is donating kitchens to will be the first 3 that are almost complete and the current Chayah children will be moving into them in January 2018. These homes for the children and their caretakers will be small buildings, never exceeding 15 children per building. The goal is that each building would emulate and truly become a home, not just an institution that takes care of the children’s physical needs, but a place where each child will find spiritual guidance, emotional support, and a family to laugh, cry, and grow alongside.

Hope Haven: Rwanda

We have collected $17,000.00 of our $10,000.00 target. It is 170.00% of our goal for the Hope Haven: Rwanda project


Please help meet a critical need for a kitchen in one of the most vulnerable communities in Rwanda. Hope Haven Rwanda continues to uplift families by providing nursery, kindergarten and primary school feeding programs to meet the nutritional needs of more than 420 children. They serve 750 meals each day, and it all happens in a kitchen which was initially built as a stall for animals—and is only 80 square feet! More than 200 parents camp annually, at the gate overnight, in order to get their children into this program, and their kids depend on these meals. The need is significant and the existing kitchen was outgrown some time ago, but the foundation has been laid for a 960-square foot kitchen so that the program can be doubled to over 850 children. Will you Skip1 to help feed Rwandan children?

Chilca Kitchen

We have collected $30,609.00 of our $30,000.00 target. It is 102.03% of our goal for the Chilca Kitchen project


"At risk" children - currently living in Lurín, Pamplona Alta, Chilca and a dozen of other surrounding "young towns" - need a safe place where they can be fed, go to school and flourish. In the small community of Chilca (located about 45 minutes outside of Lima), there is a great opportunity. ACED owns about two acres of land in Chilca where they currently run a private school for about 50 children and a new bakery that provides supplemental income for the school and its programs. The school is called I.E.P. Jireh - Papa Leon XIII - it has classrooms, a small playground, a multipurpose room and teachers. A family lives on-site and oversees the school. On the same plot of land, right next to the school, is a dormitory, a kitchen facility and a well that sit empty. This is the orphanage. The dorm can accomodate 32 kids and 4 teachers. It has beds and toilets and showers.

Muleete Kitchen: Uganda

There is a wonderful children’s school in the little town of Muleete, Uganda. The children are some of the happiest we’ve ever seen, and they don’t know what they don’t have. has been blessed to continuously support this growing town. It all started with the new water supply system which refurbished their existing well, equipping it with a downhole submersible pump and powered by an array of high efficiency solar panels, to provide clean drinking water.

Once the clean water solution was achieved, we realized a healthy environment to cook nourishing food was a must! This new kitchen is built with a double sink, an outside water tap, and four modern tiled fire stoves purposely built to save firewood. There are also two outside chimneys which are connected to the four stoves, creating easy outlets for the smoke creating a hospitable working environment for the cooks. Both outside and inside walling has been fully plastered with water harvest gutters, and the floor has concrete with a final plaster touch so that it is not slippery for the cooks to fall. Happiness and healthiness has grown throughout the community as the kitchen has become a tourist attraction for its uniqueness. This gift came in at such a time when it was least expected but most importantly at a time when it was needed most.

Sitio Veteran's Kitchen: Philippines

Here is a school of 132 children, from preschool through 10th Grade. 80% of them are (luckily) under an educational sponsorship program. This project will repair and renovate the existing kitchen and home economics laboratory via the purchase of a new oven, refrigerator, construction of a sterile food preparation counter, new kitchen plumbing and sanitary lines, and new flooring. How much would this cost in the states? More than we would want to ask for. But in this section of the Philippines, $5,100 is all that’s needed to turn a useless kitchen into a productive, sustaining, healthy kitchen. Even $10 from you will make a major impact. Fun to think of, huh?

North India Kitchen

In North India there's a safe home where at-risk children can go to be taken care of. Currently, there are 28 children in this home. They are fed and taught so they can transition from this home to high school. Skip1 wants to upgrade the kitchen in this home by supplying them with new appliances, pots, pans, plates, dishes and utensils. We will also upgrade the existing kitchen. These 28 children will get 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. 100% of all public donations for this project will go to upgrading the kitchen. If you'd like to fund the feeding program in North India, we have a separate project for that.

North India Feeding Program

April 2015 Update: We recently renovated a full kitchen in North India for a group of children who desperately needed help. Thanks to the efforts of the senior class at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village, California, money was raised to cover the costs of the renovated kitchen. We'll have more photos and amazing stories from our recent trip there very soon. The seniors skipped their annual homecoming game float, which usually costs quite a bit of money, and decided to donate that money instead to the children in North India. Now that the kitchen is built, we need to insure the children there can be fed on a regular basis. That is what this feeding program will do. $3,270 will feed 28 children in North India for 6 months (about $545 a month). We will launch another 6-month feeding program in January 2016 and with your help, we can continue to feed these 28 children. Thank you for your support, we can't do this without you.

Philippines Feeding Program - Sitio

April 2015 Update: This feeding program is for the children living in Sitio Veterans, Quezon City, Philippines. 100 children who will be taking a 7-day VBS program in their village will be fed during the 6 days of classes plus a seventh day during a graduation party. To feed 100 children for 7 days it costs $630.

Philippines Feeding Program - Payatas

April 2015 Update: This feeding program is for the children living in Payatas, Quezon City, Philippines. Similar to the Sitio feeding program, the Payatas program also has 100 children who will be taking a 7-day VBS program in their village will be fed during the 6 days of classes plus a seventh day during a graduation party. To feed 100 children for 7 days it costs $630.

Marcie's Kitchen

Some of you know that Marcie Weaver won a World Changer Award at our first ever Skip1Night back in 2013. Even while Marcie was dying of cancer, she decided to shine a light on the children we serve in an effort to bring food and water to those families in need. Every time Marcie would do a cancer treatment, her friends would skip something in Marcie's honor at Marcie passed away on August 21st, 2015. We've set up a kitchen upgrade in Marcie's name: Marcie's Kitchen. We will repair and renovate an existing kitchen located at a school in Bethany Village in Uganda. The current kitchen feeds around 300 children for lunch per day. The cost of this kitchen renovation is $7,500. Many of you know that Bethany Village has a special place in our hearts since it's really the birthplace of Bethany Village is a remote village in Uganda Africa where Skip1's founder Shelene Bryan and many of Skip1's donors have visited.

Jinja Kitchen

September 2015: This project will construct a kitchen/dining area located at a new Outreach House in Jinja, Uganda. This new kitchen will allow them to feed 160-200 children a month and provide 3 hot meals a day. Our partners brings children and families to the Outreach House for medical attention, allowing them to remain there for a period of time for healing, education and reformation of unhealthy habits that kept them in the grips of jiggers.

Scope of Work for this project:

  • Purchase of new cooking and baking oven $550
  • Purchase of new refrigerator $450
  • Construction of food preparation counter with storage bins $200
  • Tiling of kitchen floor $1,000
  • Fabrication and installation of overhead storage bins $400
  • Installation of kitchen plumbing and sanitary lines including sinks and faucet $2,500
  • Labor and material for kitchen build out (including block, cement, windows, light fixtures, wiring, paint) $3,800
  • Cement, metal, and welding for outdoor large cooking area $400

Skipping With Shelene

Being the Founder of allows me to speak all over the country and share how every skip counts... big or small. Every skip matters in the lives of needy families. "Skipping with Shelene" provides a unique opportunity for me (on behalf of Skip1) to bless needy people here in America who cross my path. Be it a homeless family of seven I recently met in a shelter who now have a home for their beautiful family, or a young girl I met in a halfway house who just got out of prison for shoplifting and needed a second chance. To a single mom who is one paycheck away from being homeless and just needs some extra money to buy groceries. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you would donate to these special projects that are very close to my heart. Your skips are changing lives and giving children and families in need much needed hope. You are ALL a blessing. Thank you, Shelene.

Philippines Feeding Program

For $90 a week, we can feed 30 children 3 meals a week (these children are between the ages of 5 and 9). There is another organization that is feeding the children 2 days a week -- so along with the other organization, the 30 children are fed 5 meals a week. $1,440 will sustain this project for 4 months (December 2014 - March 2015). 100% of your donations will go to feeding children in need living in the Philippines.

More info on Breakthrough Christian Academy:

Most of the students in Breakthrough Christian Academy come from poor families in Sitio Veterans and Payatas. Almost 75% of their students are under the educational sponsorship program where their donors support their tuition fees, books and supplies. Since most of our students come from very poor families, they usually go to school without breakfast and most of them are very sleepy during their classes and do not perform well in their subjects. Typically, these students have not had dinner the night before or breakfast the morning of and normally go to school on an empty stomach. The support for feeding that BCA received from enabled them to continue feeding 30 children five days a week during school days. They usually feed those same students twice a week but with Skip1's support, they were able to give them 5 days of feeding during lunch.

Ntunga Kitchen

Ntunga (pronounced "noon-guh") is a small village in Rwanda. Before Skip1 got involved, two women used outdated appliances in a makeshift kitchen to cook one meal a day for 50 children. With your skips and generous donations, we built a brand new kitchen and dining room for these children and provided them with their one meal a day (known as "Break Tea" (tea and bread, short cake or an egg)). Skip1 will rebuilt their kitchen, added a dining room and equipped it with all new appliances, pots, pans, plates & dishes and utensils. The dimensions of the kitchen are approximately 26x36 feet.

Caballona Kitchen

At the Lumbrera de Caballona School in the Dominican Republic, more than 50 kids go the entire day without a single meal. Most of the children don't eat dinner the night before. is building a brand new kitchen on the school property and providing those who work in it with the necessary pots, pans and appliances to get it up and running. We are also building more bathrooms for the kids since there's currently only one toilet for the entire school. Funds will also go to supporting their feeding program (the food & labor costs) with opportunities to extend that feeding program per fundraising initiatives and programs via Any additional donations received for this specific project will go directly to extending the duration of the feeding program at the school.

We are supplying the kitchen with the following items: 3 pots, 3 big wooden spoons, 5 large trays, 1 industrial stove, one LP gas tank for the stove, 10 rectangular tables, 3 large colanders, 10 large pitchers, 5 large trays, 100 plates, 100 spoons, 100 chrome tumblers, 3 wash basins (1 large & 2 medium), 2 large buckets for water, 3 medium buckets, 2 large water thermos, 50 plastic chairs and 1 refrigerator.

Muleete Well

Updated: 7/11/11: With gas prices being as high as they are in Uganda right now, our new mission is to create sustainability by implementing a solar powered generator vs. a gas powered one. We have raised the additional funds for this project. Thank you so much for your continued support.

The Muleete Project (in association with Africa Renewal Ministries) is located in south central Uganda, approximately 12.1 km (7.5 miles) southeast of Mubende. The project supports a school with approximately 300 children in attendance, a church, and a soon to be completed clinic. A small village is close by and the project enjoys a close and supportive relationship with the local village families. The new water supply system for the Muleete Project is predicated on using the existing well, refurbished and equipped with a downhole submersible pump and powered by an array of high efficiency solar panels, to provide clean drinking water to the project and surrounding local populace. The proposed new system is a modular design that can be expanded in the future to meet increased demand.

Project Bayview Feeding Program: San Francisco

Yes, we certainly do help out right here at home in the US when it makes sense, and this is one opportunity we wanted to jump in on. When people are coming out of difficult and complex situations in their lives, Project Bayview is there to help by providing a loving and supportive community around them. Project Bayview's mission is to develop leaders who live to revive their communities. They offer instant brotherhood, leadership development, mentorship, housing, career development, work, and fun. But these people need to eat. And it’s a bit more expensive in the states than other places. There are currently 16 people at Bayview who need to be fed and currently have no funding or support for food. $3,200 will feed all 16 of them for a month. That’s about $6.50 per day per person. We’d like to offer them 6 months of really healthy food they can count on. That’s about $19,200. Want to help?

Ascencia Feeding Program: Glendale

Here’s another local American community need we just couldn’t pass up. Ascencia has provided housing and services to homeless individuals and families in the Glendale, CA community for the past nine years. Today, Ascencia is the only comprehensive homeless services agency to provide over 1,200 underserved adults, children, and seniors daily with street outreach, case management, mental health counseling, and trauma therapy. Last year, they served nearly an equal number of children (214) as they did seniors (201). Ascencia’s year-round 40-bed emergency housing program provides safe and supported shelter for over 200 residents every year. It is unique among shelters in that they serve families and single adults, including seniors, together. And, just like other homeless care centers, they run out of money quickly, especially for decent meals. They’ve asked us for $9,050 to cover 6 month of meals for 200 residents. We know one of the best tools these people can be given is a healthy body that offers them the energy and focus they need to change their lives. That’s why we’re happy to help fuel their future. It’s by the grace of God that each of us isn’t in their situation, so we want to help. Do you?